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Program for College Ambassadors

The Legal Lock College Ambassador program is a new effort that aims to reach as many law students in India as possible while giving them the opportunity to learn new skills, interact with other law students, and improve their talents. It also offers a national platform for skill development.

What does a campus ambassador actually do?

Campus ambassadors serve as the organization’s and university’s point of contact. They serve as the organization’s primary point of contact, speak for it directly, and represent it on their campus.

These Ambassadors are enthusiastic and eager to learn more about the group, its mission, values ​​and activities. They also frequently exhibit leadership traits, take commands on campus, and take initiatives. As a result, they are also influential.

They have all the necessary connections with both faculty and students. The best thing about this connection is that a student can approach the ambassador instead of the corporation directly.

Compared to the firm, the ambassador is far more friendly and accessible. Because of the responsibilities they have, they can be a great help.

But what exactly do Campus Ambassadors do?

The task of endorsing the group falls to a Campus Ambassador. The following responsibilities must be fulfilled by them on their respective campuses in order to achieve this:

Inform the student community about available opportunities, seminars, and conferences.

Create company-promoting activities on campus. These events can be engaging by offering surveys to all attendees to help with any questions.

They might also hold seminars and workshops to help students understand legal concepts.

The Ambassador must also extract creative ideas from the university’s community to present them to the organization. The organization then utilizes these ideas in its specific functions.

in this program, students will Represent the College and be called as College Ambassadors.


The Students pursuing 3 and 5-year law courses from a recognized Institution.

Good communication skills and command of Hindi and English language.

Active Social Media user.


  • The position is tenured, part-time, voluntary, and unpaid.
  • The commitment of 6 months.
  • CV should be in .pdf format.
  • Maximum 3 College ambassadors from a particular campus.

Roles and Responsibilities of College Ambassador

  • You should be a leader for your fellow college students.
  • Circulate the events or opportunities through the mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any media or through mouth publishing.
  • Utilize our website to give legal awareness.
  • Perform all the work assigned to you.


  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Get the ‘Campus Ambassador’ certificate to boost your resume!
  • Publications are free of cost on our blog portal.
  • Your Name is on our portal.
  • Internship offers
  • Monetary rewards for the best 10 in this program.


6 months. (It can be extended, depending on performance)

Application Procedures

Only you have to fill out this google form Apply Here

Or you can Submit Your CV on – [email protected]

If you are suitable for this program, we will send you a confirmation message with an appointment letter.

Note: There are no fees for any post in the College Ambassador program. You don’t have to pay anything here.

Contact Details

Ph. 7247883885 (Paarth Jain)

Ph. 9997113838 (Varun Agarwal)


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