Kevin Costner’s Lawyers Share More Details About Couple’s Divorce Battle As An Insider Calls It ‘All About Christine

the divorce between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner keeps getting more complex, and the Santa Barbra home they live in continues to be a significant issue in the case. Now, as things continue to heat up, the actor’s lawyers have shared more details about the legal battle, and an insider claimed that this has been “all about Christine.”

When the ex-couple’s split was announced, it came to light that according to their prenuptial agreement, Baumgartner was supposed to leave the Santa Barbra home 30 days after she filed for divorce. She’s been refusing to leave, and now, in documents obtained by People, Kevin Costner’s lawyers said Christine Baumgartner’s case “grasp at straws with one baseless argument after another.” It also noted that from the Oscar winner’s side they “respectfully” requested that she move out by July 13.

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