Rep. James Comer’s Update On GOP Probe Into Bidens’ Business Dealings Is Weak Sauce

GOP Rep. James Comer gave a tepid update Tuesday about the House Oversight Committee’s probe into the Biden family’s business dealings.

“We found a lot that should be illegal,” the Kentucky Republican who chairs the committee told CNN’s Pamela Brown. (Watch the video below.)

Comer had previously described the investigation into Hunter Biden’s transactions and ties to President Joe Biden as “tracking a bleeding bear through a snowstorm. I mean, there’s evidence everywhere.”

But on Tuesday’s “CNN Primetime,” the trail appeared to go a tad cold.

“Have you found anything illegal while he was actually in the office?” Brown asked.

“Well, we found a lot that’s certainly unethical,” Comer responded. “We found a lot that should be illegal. The line is blurry as to what is legal and not legal with respect to family influence-peddling. I think people in both parties have argued for many years that family members of both Republicans and Democrats ― especially family members of presidents ― have benefited from our adversaries around the world.”

Some conservatives believe a Hunter Biden laptop computer left at a Delaware repair shop contains damning revelations about his father in connection to the son’s reported business dealings with Ukraine and China. The GOP has been obsessed with the computer’s hard drive data, which was copied, amid the numerous investigations into former President Donald Trump.

Brown later questioned a Comer’s claim about Biden family members receiving payments from China in 2017.

“That was after Joe Biden had left office” as vice president, she noted.

“It was,” Comer answered. “But the people who initiated the payments had met with Joe Biden while he was vice president.”


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