Former President Donald Trump arrives in New York to face arraignment Tuesday in Manhattan


How does Trump’s indictment affect 2024 race?

CBS2’s political reporter Marcia Kramer takes a closer look at how the former president’s indictment could impact the 2024 presidential election.

How will Trump’s indictment impact 2024 elections?


By Marcia Kramer


Trump will be formally arraigned Tuesday afternoon

A source told CBS News the former president will likely be charged with falsifying business records in the first degree, a felony. But the indictment is still sealed. 

Former Pres. Trump will face judge in Lower Manhattan


By Jessica Moore


Security tight around Trump Tower

The former president entered Trump Tower to little fanfare. Security allowed his supporters to gather around the corner, but they couldn’t see him.

Trump expected to meet with legal team in NYC before arraignment


By Alice Gainer


NYPD’s unprecedented security task

NYPD faces unprecedented security task amid Trump arraignment


The NYPD says it’s ready for the unprecedented security task at hand when former President Donald Trump is arraigned in Lower Manhattan. 

Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said the department prepared for the former president’s arrival for weeks. 

On social media, days before he was indicted, Mr. Trump called on his supporters to take to the streets of New York City and protest his arrest. 

Monday, when Mr. Trump landed at LaGuardia Airport, his supporters were already lining up around Trump Tower. 

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By Ali Bauman


Watch special coverage of Trump’s arrival ahead of arraignment

By CBS New York Team


Trump’s plane lands at LaGuardia Airport

Chopper 2 Flying

Chopper 2 is watching the arrival of former President Donald Trump in New York City to face arraignment Tuesday. Watch more: Read more:

Posted by CBS New York on Monday, April 3, 2023

Chopper 2 was there as former President Donald Trump landed at LaGuardia Airport ahead of Tuesday’s arraignment. 

By CBS New York Team


Mayor Adams tells “rabble-rousers” to “control yourselves”

Adams tells potential Trump protesters to “control yourselves”


NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell and Mayor Eric Adams say there are “no specific, credible threats,” as former President Donald Trump prepares to face arraignment Tuesday in New York City. 

“While there may be some rabble-rousers thinking about coming to our city tomorrow, our message is clear and simple: Control yourselves,” Adams said Monday. “New York City is our home, not a playground for your misplaced anger.”  

Adams specifically called out Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and told her to “be on your best behavior.”

“Our job is to facilitate and safeguard the rights of people to express themselves and those going about their daily activities, but I will remind everyone that violence and destruction are not part of legitimate, lawful expression, and it will never be tolerated in our city,” Sewell added.

Officials urged New Yorkers to expect traffic and to use mass transit. They also said there will be street closures near the courts in Lower Manhattan and elsewhere around the city. 

By CBS New York Team


Legal experts lay out what to expect in court

Legal experts weigh in on what to expect from Trump’s arraignment


It’s a case for the history books that has legal experts wondering not only what will happen in court Tuesday but with former President Trump.

A criminal justice professor tells CBS2 a gag order may be put in place.

“I think the only unanswered questions right now are: What are the details behind the various charges? Are they just what we have been led to believe, or is there more to the story?” Professor Mike Lawlor said. 

Lawlor said there’s a possibility the former president will have to surrender his passport after he is read the charges he is facing. 

“Or they’re placed on a variety of restrictions, including potentially a gag order, which I think is certainly probably called for in this case,” he said. “He can be held without bail if he’s found by a judge to be intimidating witnesses or obstructing justice. His track record, apparently, is a lot of that.”

Sources say the NYPD and Secret Service have already choreographed the court appearance, and Trump will be surrounded by agents the entire time. He will not be handcuffed, but will be processed as a criminal defendant before walking down a 15th floor hallway for arraignment. 

By John Dias


Police, barricades positioned outside Trump Tower

Police making presence known around Trump Tower ahead of arrival


Security is tight along Fifth Avenue, where police are making their presence known with officers, vehicles and barricades. 

Former President Trump has not released an official schedule, but sources are painting a picture of what to expect. 

Sources say he is set to land on his personal plane at LaGuardia Airport on Monday afternoon. He will then be escorted by a motorcade into Trump Tower, where it’s possible he may speak to the press. 

CBS Mornings spoke with retired NYPD Det. Michael Alcazar about the security measures in place — an effort not only conducted by the NYPD, but also the FBI and hundreds of Secret Service agents. 

“They’re going to have a detail of uniformed police officers all around the perimeter of the courthouse and nearby blocks. The whole police department is on standby just in case we need more police officers to respond to the scene, if in case it gets out of hand,” he explained. 

Sources say Trump will make his way down to the courts in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon for arraignment, before flying back to his Mar-a-Lago home.

By Elijah Westbrook


Trump’s supporters line up around Palm Beach airport

Former President Trump preparing to fly to New York for court appearance


Former President Donald Trump is expected to fly on his personal plane out of Palm Beach at noon Monday, departing for LaGuardia Airport. 

Florida supporters could be seen lining up on highways around the airport before his flight.

CBS News reports Trump will then spend the night at Trump Tower in Midtown, before his court appearance Tuesday in Lower Manhattan. 

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By CBS New York Team


Tracking Trump’s travel

Former President Trump expected in New York today


Sources tell CBS2 the former president’s travel plans are fluid and likely to change at any given moment. Here is what we know, as of early Monday. 

Trump is set to arrive on his personal plane at LaGuardia Airport on Monday afternoon. He will then be escorted by a motorcade into Trump Tower in Midtown, Manhattan. 

CBS2 has learned the Trump helicopter is available to fly him to the West Side heliport, but that does not seem like a definitive part of the plan.     

As for Tuesday, he will make his way down to the courts in Lower Manhattan. 

Trump will most likely make remarks to the media, but is getting pushback about addressing outlets outside of the courthouse, due to safety concerns. We’re hearing a possibility being considered is inside Trump Tower — the site of his escalator used when he announced his bid for the 2016 presidential nomination. 

Sunday, the former president took to his Truth Social page to speak out about the arraignment, while asking people to donate to his campaign. Reports show he’s raised more than $5 million and logged more than 16,000 volunteer sign-ups since the indictment.

There will be hours of court proceedings before Trump flies back to his Mar-a-Lago home to speak to the public about what went down and his continuing effort to run for president again in 2024. Reports show he will be joined by Florida supporters, as he tries to project an image of strength and defiance, turning the charges into a political asset.  

By Elijah Westbrook


CBS News: Trump expected to face felony charge, source says

Former President Trump faces arraignment this week in Manhattan


Former President Donald Trump is the first former U.S. president to face criminal charges, which are still under seal. 

Sources tell CBS2 News he is being charged with falsifying business records in the first degree — a felony, stemming from alleged hush money paid to adult film star, Stormy Daniels, through his former attorney, Michael Cohen. 

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By John Dias


The Point: N.Y. Republicans on impact of indictment

By CBS New York Team


Hearing from voters: “He’ll get his day in court”

NJ residents react to unprecedented indictment of Donald Trump


CBS2 spoke with people at Summit Diner in New Jersey for their reaction after the indictment. 

Some said they were embarrassed the country has to go through this, while others were confident Trump will beat the charges. 

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By CBS New York Team

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