The role of divorce solicitors in Weybridge in no-fault divorce applications

The divorce rate in the UK is estimated at 42% with statistics revealing an increase in recent years. Unreasonable behaviour and adultery is the number one reason for divorce in the UK, but a lot of people simply fall out of love with each other or grow apart. The no-fault divorce system that was introduced last year has significantly helped couples like these because you are able to separate without having to fight and argue and fall out with each other. Rather, you can enjoy an amicable separation which is always in the best interests for everyone involved, especially if you have children together.

The application process

If you feel as if your marriage has come to an end then seek advice with divorce solicitors in Weybridge. With extensive experience in dealing with family disputes and divorce, a specialist team of divorce solicitors in Weybridge will be able to offer you impartial advice that is in the best interests of you and your loved ones. It is often the case that during such a difficult time in your life your judgement can become clouded by your emotions and by speaking to divorce solicitors in Weybridge you will be able to find out what is the best way to proceed. You can either make a sole application or you can make a joint application to the court, depending on your individual circumstances. If you are both in agreement that your marriage is no longer working then it is best to make a joint application. You then submit the application to the court including a fee of £593. This application can be made online and your divorce solicitors in Weybridge can make an application on your behalf if necessary. You can also make a postal application if you wish.

Unfortunately, both parties do not have to agree to a no-fault divorce; therefore, if you are served a divorce that you do not agree to there isn’t an opportunity for you to dispute the decision of your partner unless you believe the court does not have the jurisdiction to deal with a divorce, or a marriage is not valid. This can be extremely upsetting and distressful and, in this case, an experienced divorce solicitor will be able to support you through the process with kindness and understanding.

The role of the divorce solicitor

Although the application itself is relatively simple, it is important that you consult a specialist solicitor to help achieve the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones. A specialist divorce solicitor will offer you legal advice with regards to a financial settlement because there is a lot to think about when a couple decide to separate. This includes your tax position, who will be paying which bills, pension entitlements and how your assets will be divided. They will also help you reach an agreement with regards to arrangements for your children. If you are able to come to an agreement on childcare then this is highly beneficial, however it’s important to have the agreement made official so that disputes later on in life do not affect your children’s welfare. Speak to your divorce solicitors today if you are considering a divorce or if divorce proceedings have already begun.

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